The blog serves as a “virtual memory” for me and supplementary documentation for my colleagues.  It gives me an opportunity to learn from others that post comments in reply.

While contracting in London in 2011, I resumed the blogging that I started at HP in NZ, but this time focusing on Oracle 11.2 on Solaris using UFS.  (If your environment is similar, I suggest you read the posts in the UFS category at least).  The posts provided summaries of interesting issues that were not well covered on the internet at the time of writing, rather than detailed examples of code, experiments and results.

Once back in New Zealand, I changed the title of this blog and wrote a little more about Oracle on Solaris before I started a new job in a Microsoft environment.

In 2016, I added a new theme: running Oracle RDBMS on Windows, from the perspective of a DBA accustomed to Linux and UNIX.